• No swim aids for any age category.
  • No training wheels for any age category.
  • Kids race in the age category that they will be on December 31, 2017. Example: If they are 6 on race day but 7 on December 31, 2017, they race in the 7-8 age category.
  • Team = one child and one parent.  The child races the entire race first in his/her age category.  The parent races the entire race last in the adult category.  Times from the parent and child are combined for a team time.
  • All kids who register as a child/parent team are eligible for team and individual awards.
  • Racing as part of a child/parent team does not affect USAT child rankings.​
  • USAT official will be present.  One minute time penalties will be issued for bike lane violations on bike loop split.  
    • ​Failing to adhere to NO PASSING ZONE.
  • DQ's will be issued for the following safety violations: 
    • Failing to slow down on the bike split causing the cyclist to turn onto the run course.  Must follow the signs and course markings.

USAT Youth Rules- click here

No Race for 2018.  We will be back July 20, 2019.  Taking a break for one year.  See you next year:)