Parent & USAT Official Comments :)


I just wanted to thank you for all of your hard work to organize such a fantastic race today!!!  Our family does many triathlons through the season, and this is by far our favorite!!!  The course was well marked, the volunteers were all fabulous AND the race moved along seamlessly!!  We'll for sure plan our summer vacations around your race next year!!!  Thanks for creating such a fantastic memory for our family!!!  
Jen R.

Just wanted to thank you for a great and memorable event. Vera, my five year old needed an event like that. I had tears of joy watching her. Every dad should have moments looking at his little girl and think, "wow...she rocks."
Thanks for that,
Nick L.

"Thank you and all of the volunteers so much. This was our second year for our daughter and the first for our son. The volunteers were really outstanding, helpful and fun. They are much appreciated by our family."
Erin M.

Great race as always. 

I think it was a wonderful event. 

Thanks for putting on such a difficult race to host for the kids!   There were some great changes to the course this year and all.  I enjoyed on the bike course some of the volunteers and even one of the run volunteers on the top end of the hill.  They said some very encouraging words as you are a bit spent at this point.   :-)
Overall a great success so thank you for your heart and dedication to make this race happen.  You've impacted so many kid's lives by encouraging a healthy life style. 

This was a great event! The volunteers did an awesome jobs at directing all the racers and making sure they knew where they needed to go, especially the little ones!
Monica G.

First of all, we loved the race and the fun atmosphere for kids after! Thank you for organizing a fun family event! 
Misty T.

Thanks for organizing a great race - my family and I really enjoyed being part of it.

Thank you for a well organized kids tri. We  will come again next year.



"Thank you for allowing me to observe what may have been one of the best run youth races in our state.  Highly organized, superbly run, exceptionally dynamic volunteers and has potential for tremendous growth.  Your commitment to excellence was bright and shiny today.  Congrats on a successful event...Appreciate all you have done."  DL Fairchild, USAT SWM Regional Board; Chairman Youth/HS/U23  July 19, 2014.

I just want to say that your club did an amazing job.  This was our 3rd year participating and I had three racers ranging from age 6 to 11.  You make it such a wonderful experience for them to learn to be healthy, enjoy exercise, and have a sense of accomplishment. JP

A big thank you for putting on this race.  I have to compliment you on how smoothly everything went.  I had two kids in the event and my youngest had so much fun with lots of smiles during her race.  Thank you again.  The T-shirts were super cute!    I liked the thin material and the color was really nice.  Congrats on a very well organized and planned event.  I know the races are a huge undertaking and that you spent many hours, days, weeks, planning the event.  It was super fun and great job!    DC

I wanted to thank you and the Hill Country Tri Club for a great event.   My son loves triathlons but there are not very many opportunities close to us (San Antonio), so I really appreciate it when a group does put one on.   Particularly when it was as well run as yours.  Thanks again and we will see you next year.     CW

Thank you again for putting an amazing event together.  My family really had fun for the second time around.  We are already talking about what we are going to do next year when we participate.    MF

That was a great first race for my girls, so thank you and everyone involved!  I stopped racing/training a long time ago, so my kids have never seen a triathlon.  There was a lot for them to learn.   The neighborhood race was a great area and very manageable.  Also, I told the guy who ran the pre-race clinics on Friday evening that those were very beneficial, but please pass the word again.  The girls listened to him and it was good for them to hear advice from a different voice than their mothers:)  They've definitely got the tri bug.     Thanks again!!    Kim

This was an exceptionally well organized race.  All the volunteers were friendly and went above and beyond helping the younger children.  We will ABSOLUTELY come back next year.    SF

We will add this race to our yearly must do events as it was well organized just like the adult events.  This was the 2nd of 5 for my daughter for the year and my sons 1st of 2 scheduled for the year.  The kids did great.......CH

Thanks for making this happen.   Our kids look forward to it every year.  DM

Thanks for a great event.  It was my son's first tri, and he's ready  to tackle another one already!  I also very much enjoyed the parent event.  All in all a very well run event, we'll definitely be back next year.  Thanks.  BS

Great race!  Thanks for all your  hard work and dedication!  You guys do it up right and my son and I had a blast!  Keep up the great work and thanks so much for all you do to promote family fitness!   IA

Many thanks for letting Jake register late.  He was so excited about doing his very first triathlon.  All of the volunteers were so encouraging and really helped the kids go the right way with all of the turns.  One of the volunteers actually ran with my son down the home stretch to the finish line a pretty good distance cheering him on like he was her own son.  I can't tell you how much that meant to this mom because it meant so much to my son.  TM

Loved it!!!  Will def do it as a family next year or volunteer.  A great event!!!   Everyone was so nice and supportive.  I love that it was fairly laid back and not intimidating.  Tell your emcees they did a great job too.  I loved having the healthy snacks afterwards also.   AC  

We had a great time.  Probably the best comment I could give is that Sam is already talking about his next triathlon.  Additionally, my youngest son is wanting to compete, although he doesn't bike well and swimming is iffy.....Maybe next year.  See you next year.  DCL

THANK YOU for a great family event.   The Volunteers and Organization did an awesome job.  You all got it right with all the volunteers on the bike and run course keeping our kids safe.  That's the most important part.  Great experience.  Thanks again.  Team LIvingston

Thanks to your group for doing a great job with the Hill Country Tri.  Your event is unique in its approach to allow families to compete and support each other in the sport of triathlon.  The extras for the kids (jump house, slides, snow cones, tattoos, etc....made the event even better.  This is above and beyond what we have seen in dozens of other kid tris throughout the state.  We appreciate you so much.  As a race director, I understand that kids triathlons are among the most difficult events to conduct.  Degree of difficulty times 3 plus kids plus adults so my hat is off to you.  You did an outstanding job keeping the kids safe and providing a great introduction to the sport.    Keep up the great work!   Jim